Notes on New Stuff and Changes

This page contains notes on new additions and changes to Telegraph Lore pages.

September 22, 2012

Cleaned up all the ancient broken links, and added new ones. The span of the text in the browser is limited to improve readability.

July 21, 2009

Telegraph Lore has a new domain name. Also, "Telegraphs Of Europe" has its own domain ! The entire site will be slowly restored.

April 1, 2000

"Telegraph Lore Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Page" is a collection of articles about experiences on the D&RGW Narrow Gauge lines in Colorado and New Mexico.

March 29, 2000

"Telegraph Instruments of Europe" revised to include a seventh page of instruments.

Most of the missing pages of Telegraph Lore have finally been reloaded. More new pages will be announced soon. 73, Wirechief

January 25, 1998

"Telegraph Instruments of Europe" revised to include a sixth page of instruments.

November 7, 1998

"A Polar Duplex Half-Repeater Arranged for Dial-Up Morse Service" by John H. Holman has been added to the Instruments Page.

October 23, 1998

"Testing on Open Wire Telegraph Lines" by L.E. Trump added to the Telegraph Technology page.

October 18, 1998

"The Athearn Morse Telegraph Repeater" describes a repeater set used by the American Telephone and Telegraph Company.

October 14, 1998

"Magnet Windings" explains the need for the different winding resistances of telegraph instruments.

September 21, 1998

"A Western Union Special Events Set" added to the Instruments page.

September 8, 1998

Images from the 1998 AWA conference added to new page:
The 1998 AWA Conference Fleamarket

June 9, 1998

A short article on the Bunnell Secret Sounder has been added to the Instruments Page.

May 12, 1998

A new article has been added to "The Civil War Telegraph". "Morse Telegraph Circuits for Re-enactment Events" is by Ed Trump.

Also by Ed Trump is another article "Bad Day at Big Rock". This is not a telegraph related article, but it is a great companion to Ed's "A Boomer KOB Set" which describes his experiences on the Denver and Rio Grande Western railroad.

April 16, 1998

A new page "The Civil War Telegraph" is started. This page will cover historical information on the military telegraph of the Civil War era, as well as reports and technical information on duplication of military telegraph communication at Civil War battle reenactments. The first article is an excellent report on Civil War telegraph reenacting by Richard Metzger.

April 4, 1998

Fifth page added to "Telegraph Instruments of Europe".

"A Boomer KOB Set" by L.E. Trump has been reformated and updated. Two new images added.

March 30, 1998

2 articles written by L.E. Trump on the proper way to power telegraph instruments have been added to the "Telegraph Technology" index page.

December 20, 1997
Major revision of "Telegraph Instruments of Europe" completed. Several of the original images from the Telinfo prospectus have been improved. Many new images have been added. The pages are linked from the Instrument Collecting page.
October 25, 1997
New page added called the "Telegraph Lore AWA Page". This page is linked from the Instrument Collecting Page.
September 24, 1997
Three new links added to the "Telegraph Wires" (links) page include two different Morse fraternaties in Australia and an amazing on-line version of Franklin Pope's "Modern Practice of the Electric Telegraph".
September 8, 1997
"The Era of Morse Telegraphy" three part series by Arthur W. Grumbine added to Telegraph Tales.
August 23, 1997
New book review added. "Continental Dash" by Rosemary Neering is reviewed by the Telegraph Lore wirechief.
July 27, 1997
First Edition of "Franklin Pope's Gallery of the Telegraph" published. Linked to Instrument Collecting page.
July 15, 1997
Bunnell steel lever key restored to patents page.
July 7, 1997
Book Review of "The Story of Telecommunications" added to Telegraph Book Review Page
June 6, 1997
Articles removed from "Morse Technical and Regulatory Page". This page is being discontinued without further notice.
1997 AWA and Key Collecting page added

May 21, 1997
1997 TP Chapter Morse Day added to Morse Telegraph Miscellaneous
May 16, 1997
Special notice added to Dial-up Telegraphy page.
May 11, 1997
New patent added to Telegraph Patents page-- Steiner Key and Sounder.
Second page added to "Telegraph Instruments of Europe".

April 12, 1997
New patent loaded to Telegraph Patents page. "J.H. Bunnell Telegraph Sounder Patent #538,816 May 7, 1895" was an innovative mainline sounder.
March 27, 1997
Added link to review of Maver's American Telegraphy reprinted by Lindsay Publications on book review page.

March 18, 1997
Link to John Shannon K3WWP CW page added to links page.

March 17, 1997
Link to US Army Signal Corp Museum added to links and museums pages.

March 12, 1997
New page "Telegraph Store" added. This page is linked from "Telegraph Stuff Wanted" link on home page. Some images temporarily removed to make room for high-resolution images on this page.
March 3, 1997
Paul Bock's "Vibroplex Semiautomatic Telegraph Keys" and "Vibroplex Model and Finish Chart 1925-Present" updated on "Instrument Collecting" page.
February 17, 1997
New telegraph patent loaded to "Telegraph Patents" page. This month's patent is the 1875 Bunnell Sounder patent #159,894.

February 5, 1997
"Telegraph Technology" page added. Linked from main table on home page.

January 29, 1997
Link to Telegraph, Insulator & Mining Collector and Information Site by James Doty added.

January 23, 1997
Link to Antique Wireless Association Home Page added to Museums. Photo of wirechief added to same page.
January 22, 1997
Link to "Pete Malvasi W2PM Museum of Telegraph and Wireless Instruments" added.

January 21, 1997
Link to Randy Cole's "Vibroplex Collector's Page" added.
Link to Steve Hurst's "CW Facts and Operating Tips" added.

January 6, 1997
"Telegraph Patents" page added. Link in main table on home page. First patent is Bunnell Steel Lever Key.
December 13, 1996
Link to Bunnell and Company home page added.
Link to FISTS CW Club home page added.
"The Codes" changed from graphics image to text file to make editing possible.
Non-working links deleted.

December 4, 1996
Links to Neal McEwen K5RW web pages improved.
Link to Vibroplex Company home page added.
Improved image of S.F.B. Morse added to Morse Telegraph Miscellaneous.

November 21, 1996
"Adjustment and Care of Instruments" from the Valentine School of Telegraphy added to Morse Telegraph Miscellaneous.
Vail report on early telegraphy image files removed. These will be replaced with more efficient text files when they become available.

November 17, 1996
Book review of "The Telegraph" by Lewis Coe added to "Telegraph Book Review" page.

October 29, 1996
"Tale of a Snake's Tail" added to Telegraph Tales.
Link to Neal McEwen's "Telegraph Office" repaired.
Link to Whiterock Products Company added (makers of minature keys and paddles).

September 27, 1996
"Phillips code: A listing of words likely used in everyday conversations" added to Morse Telegraph Miscellaneous, courtesy of Paul English.
Two devices identified on the Unidentified Telegraphic Objects page.
September 21, 1996
"The Day the Power Failed" added to the "Telegraph Tales" page.
Photo of the glass case in the Louise Moreau key collection improved (Telegraphic Museums page).
Links to "The Ultimate CW Website" and "Canadian Railway Telegraph History" added to the "Telegraph Wires" page.
Edison page removed until some substantial material is available.

August 31, 1996
"Unidentified Telegraphic Objects" page added. Linked from Key Collecting page.
2nd installment of Vail report loaded to "Morse Telegraph Miscellaneous". First installment deleted.
August 23, 1996
"Morse Telegraphy - Speed and Bandwidth" by Kai Siwiak KE4PT updated.
August 3, 1996
Vail report on the American Electromagnetic Telegraph added to "Morse Telegraph Miscellaneous".
August 1, 1996
Morse history moved from home page to seperate page to reduce home page clutter and loading time.
July 30, 1996
Naval Observatory Time clock (UTC) added to home page. Link to the US Naval Observatory Directorate of Time added to "Telegraph Wires". Link to article on synchronization of Western Union clocks added to "Telegraph Wires".
July 14, 1996
"Tools of the Telegraph" page expanded and broken into 4 pages.
July 10, 1996
Server side counter added to home page. Various problems with page-to-page links fixed.
June 30, 1996
Link to the AWA and "The Telegraph Office" added to "Telegraph Wires". Description of sideswiper in "Tools of Telegraphy" revised.
June 22, 1996
New page "Tools of Telegraphy" added to table on home page. "Morsum Magnificat" web page added to "Telegraph Wires".
June 1, 1996
Revised version of "Whither CW ?" by Bruce Burke WB4YUC added to Morse Technical and Regulatory Page.
May 27, 1996
Link to "Morse 2000" added to "Telegraph Wires" page.
May 22, 1996
"Morse Technical and Regulatory Page" added. "Morse Telegraphy - Speed and Bandwidth" by Kai Siwiak added to this page. "Whither CW" removed until revised version available.
May 14, 1996
1996 TP Chapter Morse Day Meeting report added to "Morse Telegraph Miscellaneous".
May 5, 1996
"Instrument Collecting" page reformatted for easier viewing. Improved images of registers uploaded to "Telegraph Instruments of Europe" page.
May 4, 1996
Broken links deleted from "Telegraph Wires" page. Link to Tom Perera's new telegraph pages added. Tom's documents on the "Instrument Collecting" page are now linked to Tom's site rather than loaded locally. "Notes on New Stuff and Changes" page added to document recent changes.
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