Thanks to Paul English WN for providing this list. The file is available in Microsoft wps format, and it is a nice compact form which is great for printing. The file is available from the wirechief.

Phillips code: A listing of words likely used in everyday conversations.
Awful AWF
Automobile AUMB
Across ACX
Afternoon AFN
And are ESR
And the EST
Authorize AUZ
Around ARJ
Aboard ABD
Ask AX     

Been BN
Bring BNG
Began BGA
Begun BGN
Begin BGI
Being BG
Believe BV
Better BTR
Because BC
Birthday BDA
Broadcast BDC
By the BIT

Conditions CNDS
Came CA
Close CLO
Chance CNC
Canadian CDN
Come CM
Call CL
Called CLD
Calling CLG
Closed CLOD
Closing CLOG
Closes CLOS
Clear CLR
Company CO 
County CNTY
Clerk CLQ
Charge CHG
Charged CHGD
Charging CHGG
Charges CHGS
Church CHH
City CTY
Connect CT
Care CR
Cares CRS
Cared CRD
Careful CFL
Celebration CBN
Celebrity CBY
Cancel CCL
Could CD
Chief CF
Capital CAP

Dispatch,Use abstractly,
as dispatch a telegram.
Despatch,Use concretely,
as dispatch an Army, or a messenger.
Danger DNG
Discuss DS
Disturb DSB
Derlivery DLY
Dollars DOLS
Do not DT
Duty DU
Duties DUS
Death DTH
Deserve DSV
Desire DSR
@Spell out DOWN
Days DAS
Did DD

Every EY
Equal EQL
Examine EXM
Examined EXMD
Examining EXMG
Excuse EXQ
Expect EXK
Especial ESP
Fight FHT
Fourth of July FOJ
For FO
Favorite FVT
Follow FW
Fixed FXD
Fixing FXG
Freeze FZ
Frozen FZN
Few FU
Facts FAX
Fabulous FXB
First FS
Following FG
Famous FMX

Give GV
Giving GVG
Gave GA
Going GG
Gentleman GM
Gone GN
Group GP
Groups GPS
Gulf GF
Ground GR
Girl GL
Goodnight GNI
Guess GS

Handle HNDL
Had HD
Hope HP
Here HR
@Spell out HEAR
High HI
Hold HO
Holds HOS
Holding  HOG
Home HOM
Harm HRM
His HS
Hospital HSP
Happen HPN

Income ICM
Incorporate ICP
Incorporated ICPD
Incorporating ICPG
Incorporation ICPN
Instruct INX
Instructed INXD
Instructing INXG
Instruction INXN
Instructs INXS
Illustrate ILT
Injure IJ
Injured IJD
Injuring IJG
Immediately IM
Improve IP
Impose IPO
Invade IVA
Invite IVT
Invetigate IVG
It was IW
It is IX
In view IV

Just JS
Judge JG
Jury JU
Jelwery JWY
Joint JT
Join JN
Joined JND
Joining JNG

Kind KD
Kill KL
Killed KLD 
Killing KLG
Hills KLS
Known KN
Kindly KDY
King KG
Keep KP  
Know KW
Knowing KWG
Knows KNS

List LST
Listen LSN
Labor LAB
Labored LABD
Laboring LABG
Labors LABS
Laugh LAF
Language LAG
Last LAS
Life LF
Long LG
Longer LGR
Legal LGL
Little LIT
Like LK
Loan LN
Large LRJ
Learn LRN
Letter LTR
Look LUK
Law LW
Lawyer LWR
Lying LYG
Leave LV
Leaving LVG
Leaves LVS

Many MNY
Most MS
Move MV
Must MST
More M
Made MD
Middl;e MDL
Mrmber MEM
Manufactore MF
Manufactured MFD
Manufacturing MFG
Manufacturer MFR
Manfactures MFS
Manufactory MFY
Manage MG
Managed MGD
Managing MGG
Managment MGM
Manager MGR
Manages MGS
Minute MIN
Might MIT
Make MK
Mail ML
Morning MNG
Modern MOD
Money MON
Month MO
Memory MMY
Meet MT
Matter MTR
Mix MX
Mixed MXD
Mixing MXG
Mixer MXR
Mixes MXS
Million MYN
Mystery MYS
Mysterious MYX

Nothing MTG
Next NX
Net N
Name NA
Named NAD
Naming NAG 
Names NAS
National NAL
Neighbor NBR
Neighborhood NBH
Need ND
Notify NF
Notified NFD
Notifying NFG
Natural NL
Naturally NLY
Naturalize NLZ
Naturalization NLZN
Normal NOR
Next week NXK
Never NV
News NUS
Numerous NUX
Nearly NRY
Night NI
Notice NTC

Order OD
Offer OFR
Office OFS
Organize OG
Organized OGD
Organizing OGG
Organization OGN
Organizes OGS
Original OGL
Object OJ
Objects OJS
Objected OJD
Objecting OJG
Objectional OJL
Objection OJN
Objective OJV
Omit OM
Omits OMS
Omitted OMD
Ommiting OMG
Omission OMN
Occupy OQ
Occupied OQD
Occupises OQS
Occupying OQG
Occupation OQN
Oppose OS
Opposes OSS
Opposed OSD
Opposing OSG
Opposition OSN
Opposite OST
Other OTR
Our OU
Otherwise OWZ
Over OV
Of O
Of a OA
On account of OAC
Obtain OB
Obtains OBS
Obtained OBD
Obtaining OBG
On behalf of OBO
O'clock OC
Occur OCU
Occurred OCUD
Occasionally OCY

Photograph FGH
Paper PAP
Probable PB
Probably PBY
Problem PBM
Proceed PCD
Purchase PCH
Purchased PCHD
Purchasing PCHG
Paid PD
Produce PDU
People PEO
Pieces PCS
Prefer PF
Preference PFC
Preferred PFD
Preferring PFG
Perfect PFT
Progress PG
Paragraph PGH
Program PGM
Passenger PGR
Perhaps PH
Prohibit PHB
Prohibited PHBD
Prohibiting PHBG
Prohibition PHBN
Project PJT
Package PKJ
Please PL
Permit PMT
Point PNT
Possible POS
Prepare PPR
Proper PRP
Part PRT
Pass PS
Passed PSD
Passing PSG
Passage PSJ
Passes PSS
Person PSN
Public PU
Purpose PUR
Provide PVI
Prevent PVNT
Provented PVNTD
Prevention PVNTN
Price PX
Prices PXS
Previous PVX
Power PW
Protect PXT
Protects PXTS
Protected PXTD
Protecting PXTG
Prize PZ
Prizes PZS

Quick QK
Quickly QKY
Quite QT
Quiet QU
Quietly QUY
Quotation QTN
Question QSN
Quit4 so QSO
Quarter QR
 Quantity QNY
Quorum QOM

Raise RA
Receive RC
Received RCD
Receiving RCG
Reception RCN
Read RD
Reading RDG
Reader RDR
Reads RDS
Reduction RDN
Radio RDO
Repeat REPT
Repeating REPG
Repetition REPTN
Refer RF
Refuse RFU
Regular RG
Regard RGD
Regards RGDS
Regarded RGDD
Regarding RGDG
Reach RH
Right RHT

reject RJ
Rea; RL
Relief RLF
Really RLY
Realize RLZ
Remain RM
Remained RMD
Remaining RMG
Return RTN
Returns RTNS
Returned RTND
Returning RTNG
Receipt RCT
Remove RV
Removes RVS
River RVR
Review RVU
Reward RWD
Rewards RWDS
Rewarded RWD
Rewarding RWDG
Recommend RX
Recommends RXS
Recommending RXD
Recommendation RXN
Railway RY
Result RZ
Results RZS
Resulted RZD
Resulting RZG
Resultant RZT

Salary SAL
Soon as possible SAP
Submit SBM
Submitted SBMD
Submitting SBMG
Submission SBMN
Scare SCA
Subscribe SCB
Subscribed SCBD
Sacrifice SCF
Sacrificed SCFD
Sacrificing SCFG
Subscribing SCG
Subscription SCN
School SCL
Season SZN
Should SD
Sudden SDN
Said SED
Saying SEG
Says SES
Seen SEN
Satisfy SFY
Satisfied SFD
Satisfying SFG
Satisfactory SFY
Satisfacorly SFLY
Satisfaction SFN
Suffer SFR
Similiar SIM
Subject SJ
Subject of SJO
Subjected SJD
Subjecting SJG
Success SK
Succeed SKD
Schedule SKJ
Scheduled SKJD
Scheduling SKJG
Self SLF
Some SM
Small SMA
Somebody SMB
Something SMG
Smoke SMK
Sometime STI
Soon SN
Since SNC
Send SND
Sooner SNR
Spoke SPK
Spoken SPKN
Special SPL
Suppose SPO
Supposing SPOG
Speaker SPQR
Serious SRX
Seriously SRXY
Strong STG
Stronger STGR
Strongly STGY
Steady STY
Ssure SU
Suggest SUG
Service SVC
Serve SVE
Severe SVR
Seize SZ
Seizes SZS
Season SZN

The T
Than TAN
 Trouble TBL
Touch TCH
Trade TDE
Trading TDG
Today TDY
Territory TEY
Traffic TFK
Transfer TFR
Thing TG
Telegraph TGH
Telegraphy TGY
Those TH
Thanks TNX
Thirough THRU
Though THO
Thick THQ
Their THR
Time TI
Take TK
Taking TKG
Taaken TKN
Them TM
Temperature TEM
Transmit TMT
Then TN
Think TNK
Telephone TPH
Transportation TPN
There TR
Typewriter TPW
These TSE
This TS
That TT
Toward TWD
They TY
These TZ

Uncertain UNC
Unconsicious UCX
Urgent UGT
Understand UK
Understood UKD
Understanding UKG
Unknown UKN
Usual UL
Until UN
Under UND
Unless UNL
Unusual UNU
Unable UNA
Upon UPN
Useful USF
Utilize UTZ

Vacant VAK
Value VAL
Variety VAY
Valuable VB
Vicinity VCY
Verify VF
Victim VKM
Vanish VNQ
Violent VNT
Vote VO
Visible VSB
Visit VST
View VU
Very VY

With W
Water WAT
Welcome WC
Would WD
Wonderful WDF
Weather WEA
Weak WEK
Wrong WG
Weigh WGH
Weight WGT
Worse WUS
Which WH
While WHI
Whole WHL
Will WI
Wireless WIX
Wound WJ
Week WK
Well WL
When WN
Who WO
 Whose WOS
Were WR
Word WRD
Writting WRG
Why WY
Worth WRH
Write WRI
Wrote WRO
Written WRN
Was WS
Work WRK
What WT
Wait WX

Exact XAC
Excite XC
Extinguish XGH
Exhaust XH
Explain XJ
Excel XL
Excellant XLT
Extreme XM
Expense XP
Export XPT
Explode XPL
Expose XPO
Export XPT
Exersize XR
Exert XRT
Exist XS
Extent XT
Extend XTD
Exclude XU
Exclusive XUV
Examine(cross) XXM
Examining (cross0XXG
Expidite XPI
Exonerate XO

Year Y
Yesterday YA
YesterdayMorning YAM
YesterdayEvening  YAV
Yield YD
Yellow YL
Years  old YO
Years of age YOA
Years of (his or her) -age YOHA

Zealous ZLX

& And
5 That the
7 That is
4 Where

Option Months
Jan F
Feb G
March H
April J
May K
June M
July N
August Q
Sept U
October V
November X
December Z

Monday MDA
Tuesday TUY
Wednesday WDA
Thursday THD
Friday FRI
Saturday SATY
Sunday SDY

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