AWA Key and Telegraph Seminars- Recollections of Murray Willer


Key and Telegraph Workshop, held In the Tiffany Room at the Hilton in Canandaigua. This was open to the public. There were four speakers; Lou Moreau, Bill Holly, Gil Schlehman and Murray Willer.


The AWA Conference moved to the Marriott In Rochester in 1990 as it was getting too big for the Hilton in Canandaigua. The Key and Telegraph Workshop was held in the Iroquois Room and was again open to the public. there were either three or four speakers; Lou Moreau, Roger Reinke, Bill Holly and Gil Schlehman. I am just a bit hazy on the speakers and will need to do a bit more research.


The Key and Telegraph Workshop was again held in the Iroquois Room and open to the public. There were three speakers; Bill Holly on Bunnell keys, Tom French on McElroy keys and Murray Willer on the Marconi story.


I thought that for 1992, we should take a year off and suggested to the AWA that they select another subject in place of-Key and Telegraph. But I felt that we should still have the dedicated key collectors get together, and arranged for a private room, the Treaty Room, for a small group to get together for one evening. We didn't bother keeping a record of who was there, but It did include Lou Moreau, Roger Reinke, Gil Schlehman, Bill Holly, Tom French, Ace Holman, Tom Perera, Joel Kosoff, Jack Klobuchar, Bill Smiley, myself and three or four others. We went around the room and asked each of the attendees to tell a little about unusual keys in their collections, what's hot and what's not, how to collect, etc., etc. It was an interesting type of meeting and one that I would like to repeat.


In 1993, the AWA committee put us In the Iroquois Room and announced It as a public meeting, so we had to get a bit more formal. While the AWA tended to call it a Workshop, from then on I called it a Key and Telegraph Seminar. We had four speakers; Bill Holly on Learner Type Keys, Tom French on The SPEED-X Story, Roger Reinke on Restoring Old Keys, and Murray Willer on How to Collect Keys.


Again a public meeting In the Iroquois Room with three speakers; Larry Nutting on Knife Edge Keys, Tom Perera on Strange and Funny Keys, and Joe Jacobs on Bunnell, Past and Future.


A public meeting in the Iroquois Room, with four speakers; Roger Reinke on Pocket Relays, Gil Schlehman on a tour of his collection of bugs, Tom French on Military Keys, and Bill Holly on The Literature and Ephemera of Keys.


A public meeting, Iroquois Room, with three speakers; Tom French on Keyers and Paddles, Pete Malvasi on Old Telegraph and Wireless Keys and Tom Perera on Key Collecting in Europe (mostly Germany)


A public meeting, Iroquois Room, with three main speakers; Greg Raven on Landline Telegraph Instruments, Pete Malvasi on Unusual Bunnell and MESCO instruments and Tom French on McElroy Telegraph Keys and Instruments. Tom Perera added a brief talk on salvaging a submarine telegraph cable.

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