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Just what is the AWA "Annex" ? The Annex is a double-secret warehouse used to store the artifacts that can't be displayed in the main museum. The main museum is quite small. The space in the primary museum is very well utilized. In fact, I would say that it is overstuffed. Thus the need for the Annex.

The Annex is not open on a regular basis. In fact, the main museum doesn't exactly keep regular hours. I would recommend calling ahead to make sure the musuem will be open. Maybe you will be able to arrange a tour of the annex. Although the Annex is primarily a warehouse, many of the items have been carefully displayed. The rooms are well lighted and temperature controlled.

Of special interest to key collectors is the collection of Lou Moreau. Lou's collection was donated to the AWA after her death in 1994, and it is now stored in the Annex. Lou was well known for her many articles in QST which covered historical telegraph keys. She also wrote several excellent articles for the "AWA Review", and she was the columnist for the "Key and Telegraph" column in the "Old Timer's Bulletin". Her articles remain a valuable reference for the key collector and researcher.

The Lou Moreau Key Collection

A few photos from inside the Annex. Click on the images for a closer view.

Stacks of Military Gear
Ham radio boatanchors anyone ?
One of those Marconi deals
Tubes that float like clouds
The wall of infinite vacuum tubes

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